Wednesday, November 9, 2016

World News

An Election to Remember
Donald Trump is elected President of the United States.
November 09, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump delivers his victory speech in the early morning on November 9, at the New York Hilton hotel in midtown Manhattan. Trump defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.
In a stunning upset, Republican candidate Donald Trump rode a wave to victory as voters elected him the 45th President of the United States. Americans had to wait until the early hours of November 9 to find out the results. But by 2 a.m., it was clear that Trump had defeated the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump, 70, is a successful businessman and reality-TV star. He has never served in government.
Republican President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence celebrate their victory.
Republican President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence celebrate their victory.
At 2:47 a.m., the president-elect took the stage in a packed ballroom at the New York Hilton Hotel in midtown Manhattan. “It is time for us to come together as one united people,” he said as his supporters cheered. “Working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the American dream.”
A Hard-Fought Battle
Around the country, voter turnout was up more than 4% from the last presidential election. A record 46 million ballots were cast before Election Day, according to the Associated Press. For several hours on Election night, races in key states like Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina were too close to call. These states have a significant number of Electoral College votes. To win the presidency, a candidate needed 270 electoral votes. By 2:30 a.m., Trump had already amassed 276 electoral votes to Clinton’s 218.
Trump’s victory surprised many experts and pollsters who had predicted Clinton would come out on top. The results of the TIME For Kids election poll also favored Clinton. She won that vote 6,893 to 3,540. Throughout the campaign, one of Trump’s main challenges was to persuade voters that he has the attitude, knowledge, and judgment to be president. In the end, he was able to attract more than enough voters to his side. Clinton, however, appeared to have won the popular vote nationally. As of 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, the popular vote was 59,203,857 million for Trump and 59,367,983 for Clinton.
Clinton conceded the election to Trump in a phone call at around 2:30 a.m. “Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time,” Trump told his supporters during his victory speech. “We owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country.”
Clinton delivered her concession speech later in the day. Her family and her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, were at her side. “We must accept this result and then look to the future,” Clinton told her disappointed supporters. “Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.”
Addressing young Americans, Clinton noted that throughout her career, she has experienced many successes and setbacks. “This loss hurts,” she said. “But please, never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.”
Donald Trump greets a crowd of supporters after delivering his victory speech in a ballroom at the New York Hilton hotel.
Donald Trump greets a crowd of supporters after delivering his victory speech in a ballroom at the New York Hilton hotel.
Trump’s rise to the presidency comes after a long career as a real-estate developer. He built skyscrapers, casinos, resorts, and golf courses. He also ventured into other businesses, introducing Trump Steaks, Trump Natural Spring Water, and an airline called Trump Shuttle. In 2004, he became a TV star with the reality show The Apprentice. He then starred in its spin-off, The Celebrity Apprentice, which launched in 2008.
The Challenges Ahead
The new president and his vice president, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, will take office on January 20. They can expect support from Congress. In addition to the White House, Republicans will control both the House of Representatives and the Senate with majorities in both Houses.
But Trump and his team will have to confront many difficult challenges. They will have to work to bring the country together after a divisive campaign that upset millions of Americans. Throughout the country, millions of Americans are out of work and struggling to make ends meet. The new president must also address international issues. They include the war on terrorism and the refugee crisis.
Still, Trump says he sees a bright future ahead. “Every single American will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential,” he told his supporters. “Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.”
Americans must be 18 years old to vote. But that doesn’t mean kids can’t make their voices heard, too. More than 10,000 TFK readers made their choice for President by voting in TFK’s presidential poll. Hillary Clinton won TFK’s poll (now closed) with 66% of the votes.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

ABC Behind the News

This week please click the link provided in the post which will take you to the ABC Behind the News website.

Watch the news article Nauru Kids once only, read the full transcript if you missed anything in the video footage and leave a comment on the page. 

Nauru Kids

Use a PMI to collect information in your Literacy book.

Share your findings with the person who is signing off this task on your Literacy Contact today.

Remembrance Day Preparations

As we prepare for Remembrance Day next week, watch these videos to help you gain knowledge and understanding before we begin to plan our class service which will be held next week on Friday 11 November at 11 minutes past 11am.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Rubish, Rubish Everywhere

While out on duty Tuesday and Wednesday I noted that there was a large amount of rubbish around the school.  So Room 15 had an Emu Parade (I have always had Tidy Kiwi clean ups until I learnt the Northern Territory version which is an Emu Parade definition below). 

We thought as leaders of the school it would be great to role model an Emu Parade and pick up the rubbish that maybe surfacing due to wind, Melita our gardner away on leave or just plain not getting the rubbish to the bin.

Our investigations unfolded juice box straw wrappers and mini chocolate bar wrappers e.g. dairy milk, milky way etc, being the biggest culprits.

We put a message out to staff to PLEASE keep an eye out on the rubbish that gets away on us and to share our findings with their students. 

Emu parade

Australian Slang:

1. (military) parade to clean up an area by emu-bobbing; 2. picking up of litter in a camping area, school playground, etc., by a group of people organised for this purpose; 3. (police) combing of an area for clues, suspects, e

Term 3 Holiday Homework Week 1 & 2

Description: Australian Slang
Trump and Clinton. Image: Skidsmore & BU Rob13
Trump and Clinton. Image: Skidsmore & BU Rob13

Description: Australian SlangClinton, Trump Debate

Recently, the two nominees for President of the United States took part in a debate.
Hillary Clinton is the leader of the Democrats. Donald Trump is the leader of the Republicans. On November 8, Americans will vote in a federal election and one of the two nominees will become President.
In the meantime, each one is working hard to sway Americans to vote for them.
One of the ways politicians do this is by “debating.” A debate is a structured discussionthat lets people know what the leader and her or his political party (i.e, Democrat or Republican) believes in. When voters know what each person stands for, or believes in, they can make a better decision about who they want to vote for.
In the debate, a moderator (in this case, journalist Lester Holt) asked the two debaters questions about things that matter to Americans, such as job creation and national security. The debaters answered the questions, and also discussed each other’s answers.
The most recent debate was held on Sept. 26. Up to 100 million people in the U.S. and around the world watched the debate on television. They wanted to find out about the candidates’ positions on issues–but many also wanted to see how the two very different candidates would handle themselves.
Trump appeared to become upset at times, often interrupting Clinton and sniffing often and loudly throughout the debate. Clinton accused Trump of being racist and misogynistic (in this case, it means he doesn’t treat women fairly). She also accused Trump of not paying federal taxes, to which Trump replied, “that makes me smart.” He meant that if a company can save money by avoiding paying taxes, it can keep that money, which would be good for the company. But for a potential president to call not paying taxes “smart,” is a bold statement–after all, countries use tax money to accomplish things they want to do. And presidents are the ones who make the decisions about using that money.
Trump accused Clinton of being a “typical politician: all talk, no action” and said she doesn’t have enough stamina to be President. (Stamina in this case means the ability to keep going.)
Americans are highly divided about who would make the best president. Many polls say that either Clinton or Trump could win the election.
The next presidential debate will be held on Sun., Oct. 9 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. It will last an hour and a half and it will be televised.

Writing/Discussion Prompt

During a debate, viewers are often trying to see important information about the candidates that will help them decide which way to vote. 

1. What do you believe are the qualities of a strong leader? 

2. Why do you think so? Can everyone be a good leader?

Reading Prompt: Point of View

It is important for people reading news reports about the U.S. (and any) election to think critically about what they are hearing and seeing. Depending on the journalist or the news source, the listener may get a very different message. For instance, if the news source or journalist is biased toward one candidate over the other, the news they hear may also be biased. Even though journalists try hard to be unbiased (in other words, to report the “facts” without any personal point-of-view) it is virtually impossible–reporters, like everyone, are biased.

1. Who do you think the author of today’s article is rooting for in the upcoming election? 
2. What evidence in the text supports your opinion?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Jaim's Broome Camp Experience

Broome Camp

On Monday the 5th of September Room 15 went on a bus to Broome and I sat next to my friend Locky. Most of the time I played a game called Five Nights at Freddy’s, but the rest of the time I talked to Locky. When we finally got there everyone was ready for bed but first we needed to have dinner.

On Tuesday we went to the croc farm. When we got there we got to hold a baby croc. Then we went to a big croc pool and It was cool when the crocodiles jumped at the food during eating time. After the big pool of crocodiles we got to see Bluey who was the biggest crocodile of them all!

On Thursday we went camel riding. I got slobber on my pants from the camel behind me and I had to change when we got back to camp. After that we did prusiking and low ropes. During prusiking we were told to go upside down, and I did kind of good for my first time trying. The low ropes was like an obstacle course with tight ropes and stuff.

On Friday it was time to go back to Tom Price. I sat next to Locky again and played FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) again. Eventually we did an auction with our camp money that we got for being good. I won pom poms and I had fun with them for a little bit but then I gave them to someone else who wanted them. After ages of waiting in the bus we got home and I had my birthday the next day and Jaim lived happily ever after.

By Jaim

Lachlan's Broome Camp Experience

Broome Camp
Rrrrrrrr... The bus purred slowly along the road with the most awesome person in the world on it... who is me (If I can say so myself).  But on the bus I was sitting next to my friend Jaim who is 1% less awesome than me.  But now let’s get cracking on.
On Tuesday the first thing I did was do some team games where we had to line up in card order from ace to king and we broke the Broome Camp school record of eleven seconds and got 9.54 seconds! Then we went down to the surf and did some boogie boarding and I tried body boarding for the first time! At that moment in time I thought of my friend Jasper who was not able to come on camp. After lunch at the crocodile farm I saw Bluey and he nearly lunged at the fence and ate someone’s arm but they got out of the way just in time. We heard about a guy who was drunk, he came to the crocodile farm, climbed over the fence and got bitten by a crocodile called Fatso and then went back to the bar, bragged about getting bitten by a crocodile, he drank a few more beers and 2 years later lost his leg through infection. Later that night we had Team Feud and we used the Family Feud board game to play our game.
On Wednesday we had breakfast then we had a surf carnival where we had to run/wade/swim around Morph and Yindi and it was lots of fun. Then we had a Chinatown tour which I didn’t like because I had to do work. But at least we got ice-cream from Wendy’s which was awesome so thank you Mrs Rolton! Then I did the Amazing Race and I had to eat a cup of melted jelly without touching it with my hands and that made me look like a baby because someone in my team had to pour it down my throat and I choked twice.
On Thursday I had a camel ride and I was on a camel called Eli with Yasha on the back seat. That was lots of fun! Then I did prusiking and low ropes, first I did low ropes and that was when we were climbing along steel ropes and swing logs and stuff. Then we had prusiking and that is a difficult thing to explain so if you want to learn more just #googleit. Then we went to the Willie Creak Pearl Farm where we learnt how pearls are made, then went on a boat tour and we saw a pearl shelf that they put the oysters in. That night we had an Astro tour, where we learnt a lot about the stars, moon and how the earth spins.
In conclusion, that was a really fun holiday! I did all of these events: Bus ride to Broome, boogie boarding, team games, croc farm tour, team feud, surf carnival, Chinatown tour, amazing race, camel rides, prusiking and low ropes, Willie Creek Pearl farm tour, and the Astro tour. All of these events were ABSOLUTELY AMAAAAZZZZING!
By Lachlan

Year 6 Broome Camp Recount

“ Good morning Campers! “ Mrs Rolton got us out of bed and told us to get dressed then sent us to breakfast, it was our first day in Broome as a class the Girls were in Onyx and the Boys were in Joker and we had camp groups Roebuck, Gantheaume, Cable and Broome. After breakfast we had Team Building Activities, my favourite activities were the 3 way tug-of-war and toxic waste it was a blast. After that Mrs Rolton sent us to our dorms to get dressed and get ready for the Beach.

As we were walking to the Beach we could smell the fresh beach air and see the seagulls enjoying the breeze. When we got to the sand we put our boogie boards down and sat down to listen to the instructor as he told us to stay within the flags. As we were running to the water Mrs Rolton took a photo of us and it looked amazing. When we got into the water it felt so good because we don’t have a beach in Tom Price, it was so much fun.

On Tuesday afternoon we went to the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park and there were lots of crocodiles and our tour guide was Mr John, he was really cool. We also got to hold baby hatchlings with hair ties around their nose so they couldn’t bite us. After that he told us facts about females and male crocodiles as we toured the park, along the path to the side was an enclosure that held Bluey the male crocodile and his two females. Bluey was trapped in a Victorian river after killing a horse and he was really BIG!!!  After that we went to the gift shop to buy merchandise, our visit to the crocodile park was the best highlight ever.

On Wednesday we got up and did the same thing like on Tuesday except we got into our togs and got on the bus and drove to Gantheaume Point. When we got out we had to get into single file and walked down to the beach. Eventually we reached the beach and put our stuff on the trailer and waited for the teachers instructions. After listening we got sent to the yellow poles and lined up. Once we were lined up we had a race in the water. After that we had morning tea and when we finished that we listened to the teacher again and got our boards and went out to the water and surfed the waves, it was amazing!

On Thursday we got up, got dressed and had breakfast we got on the bus did a head count and drove to Willie Creek Pearl Farm, it was a really rough road and we drove on dirt tracks.  When we eventually got there we had lunch and it was delicious. After that  the tour guide Megan told us to go and sit in the tiny show room. During the show we passed around the pearl shells and she opened up a new oyster shell and it still had its body parts and it was still alive, she told us many interesting things about pearls it was great and I got to pull the pearl out of the shell it was disgusting yet fun. After the small show we got on a boat and went to look at oysters that were still growing pearls. It was an interesting day.

On the last night we packed our bags and at 4am we got out of bed, got dressed and got our bags and waited for the bus. By the time we left it was 5:30am so we were an hour early. When we were nearly at Tom Price Mrs Rolton started an auction it was really cool. I won a jump rope and other people won some interesting prizes, it was fun. When we got home we had Roadies and then went straight to bed. It was the BEST CAMP EVER!

By: Keira

Monday, September 12, 2016

Broome Camp 2016

At Broome camp we had fun!  On Tuesday we went to the Crocodile Park and we saw crocodiles. There was one crocodile whose name was Bluey, we were able to hold baby crocodiles too.
On Wednesday we had breakfast and we went to the surf carnival, I loved the water so much, it was amazing!
On Thursday we went camel riding, when we got back to the camp we had prusiking and low ropes and I went upside down, that was fun!  In the afternoon we went to Willie Creek Pearl Farm and we saw pearls.  Keira even got to open an oyster shell and we saw a pearl inside, it was BIG! 
On Friday morning we got up at 5am and we stopped at Port Hedland to have lunch.  We made it to Tom Price before 6pm and I was so happy because my sister was waiting for me!
By Louwena

Broome Camp Five Fun Packed Days

We were off to Broome, we said good bye to our parents and we were off to Auski Road House, where we had a bathroom break.  Then we got on the bus and drove to Port Hedland and had our lunch that our parents had packed for us.  We arrived in Broome at approximately 7:30pm we were a few hours late but we were really excited when we got there, we got our bags and put them in the bay then we went to dinner.
When we got up on Tuesday morning we had our breakfast and we walked down to the beach. The waves were HUGE and we ran straight to the water. The water was so warm it was lovely. We body surfed and Hana and I did backflips when the waves came, we also dived into the waves it was so much fun.

We walked back to camp and had a quick shower, got dressed and we got on the bus to go to the Crocodile Park.  When we got to the park we sat down on the benches and had a talk about how to stay safe around crocodiles, then got to hold a small hatchling they were so cute (my favourite animals are crocodiles so I was very excited).  We walked around the farm and then we got to feed the crocs. We went to the gift shop and I brought a crocodile teddy we got on the bus and went back to camp, we had dinner and went to bed. My bunk buddy was Keira.

The next night we walked down to the beach and we had a beach BBQ dinner, the food was really yummy. We had hotdogs and hamburgers. As the sun set we took a lot of photos of the sun setting and we had silhouettes which looked really cool.

On the last day in Broome we got up at 6am and had breakfast at 7am we went down to the beach and meet the camels.  Hana and I were partners and we went on the most energetic camel they have, it gets up and down really fast.  We also got to feed our camels at the end, once we were done with the camels we went to have a look at the newly found dinosaur foot prints they were found on Tuesday the 6th September and we arrived on the 5th September so it was pretty amazing!

It was a great week, however we had to pack up and go home. It took 11 hours to drive back to Tom Price, we were so excited to see our family. I didn’t get to see my dad the first night because he was on nightshift but he surprised me in the morning. We had such an amazing time and I think it was the best experience I’ve had in my life time so far!

By Andie